Feeding Your Faith

Justin Carrico
There is a family of groundhogs that live in our neighborhood. One of the common occurrences in our family life each week is to jump in the golf cart and ride over to see and feed the groundhogs after dinner.

Now, when I say “feed” I mean….leave carrots for them…...because they aren’t pets, they are wild animals. We haven’t trained them to eat out of our hands (yet).  Anyway--one morning as I passed them and saw them out eating, I thought about how excited they must be on the mornings after we leave the food for them.  I pictured them emerging from their dark dirty tunnels to see these sweet orange sticks laying everywhere on the ground that they love to munch on. Maybe smiling. Maybe scurrying around excitedly because it’s such a great surprise and they don’t have to find food for that day.

As these thoughts filled my mind, the Holy Spirit spoke; “I do the same for you.”

He reminded me that He feeds my faith from unexpected sources. He feeds my faith at unexpected times. Often, I’ve been the one to emerge from a dark tunnel only to find that something has fed my faith.
God uses the unexpected. Don’t miss the carrots He places throughout your day and week to feed your faith. They are there on purpose!
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