Let God S-T-R-E-T-C-H You

Kim Brand
Ever been asked to do something and reluctantly gave a "Yes," without knowing for sure why. Mainly because your parents always told you to be helpful and to do good things. Moreso, THE REALLY BIG ONE, because God has equipped you. You squeak out the yes, even though every fiber in your being was screaming at you, "WHAT? UGH! WHY?"

Yeah, I got one of those deals going on right now, and to make it even more mentally taxing, it involves playing my guitar and singing at a friend's church down around Jackson, TN.

So yeah...

It's 'using my gifts.'

It's 'stepping out in faith.'

It's 'oceans deep' (because goodness knows I haven't practiced in over a year.)

It's saying yes when you are called to, you know, SERVE GOD!

Oh, please, don't get me wrong, I love to serve. I'm "ME" when I am in service to others.

I love to serve when it feels good,

when I feel connected,

when the planets align,

when I am comfortable in my skin,

when *sigh* I put conditions on my service.

Whew, that one hurt to say. Ever been right there, y'all?

So, yes, I play guitar and sing. At one point in my life, around the 8th -9th grade, I thought my best friend and I were destined to light the world on fire with the killer combo of our music, faith, and folk songs. We even had matching corduroy vests sewn by our Moms. (I often wonder what happened to that girl with those dreams? Life goes on, I guess.)

So as a recap: I was asked to sing and play. I said yes, mostly out of obligation because 'I'm supposed to say yes.'  Then I immediately regretted it. I know I sound selfish here – I'm not a selfish person. Really and truly, I'm not, but I am human and admitting where I struggle at times.

So, what is the problem with all of this?

I know what you're thinking. "Girl, you are equipped. You've recognized the gifts you've been given. What in the world is your problem?"

Hmm… for the life of me, I can't really articulate the exact problem, other than I think I'm lazy.


Because of being lazy, I'm fearful of playing again.


Because I'm choosing fear over faith – I'm intimidated by certain chords.


I'm just plain ol' Negative Nancy on the whole idea.


Truth hurts! But ya'll, somewhere in the doubting of my ability, I've taken away the blessing of my gift that God planned for me, CHOSE for me, some 62+ years ago. MERCY! I have taken my eyes off the prize of true, faithful stewardship!

See, God designed me (us!) for charity. Jesus showed me (us!) how to serve others with charity, and the Holy Spirit supports me (us!) to answer this call to live in charity every day of my (our!) life. WOW! I've been going about this the wrong way for way too long.

So, just as a loving father does, He gently takes me by the hand and guides me, and BOOM! God provided a lightning bolt to me in the form of a simple rubber band. The rubber band from Pastor Justin's recent sermon illustration from the message, Positioned with Power to Stretch!

What am I doing with what God gave me? Well, as I've confessed here, not much lately, other than slide around and fuss about it.


I'm not useful for the Kingdom unless I am being stretched! I gotta do better! I want to do better! I need loving accountability from my faith family that comes from those searching for this same s t r e t c h i n g!

Prayer of Response:
Father, you lead me, love me, discipline me, allow me, and stretch me. Thank you, God, for blessings that come real to me in the simple message about what a rubber band can do. Oh God, please stretch me for YOU! Use me, Lord, for Your Kingdom! Show me who YOU are and FILL me with Your heart and lead me in Your love to those around me. Amen!

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Melissa Bazzell - June 30th, 2021 at 2:55pm

YES! Love your authenticity! It's so much easier to remain in our comfort-zones and justify it. Thank you for this dose of motivation!