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Josh Hamilton
How often do you update your smartphone?

So often, we think our phones don’t need a software update because everything is working fine, just the way it is. Why download some software that might change the functionality with what I’m so used to now?

The main reason for a software update is not new features, but for security updates and to fix vulnerabilities to your device. No software or operating system is without flaw and the longer they have been released the greater the risk of a bug happening or a security problem with the device. Our devices will prompt you to update the software on regular occasions, and for the most part, it is always a good idea to update.  

Just like our devices need to connect with their creator and be updated to the latest software, we as humans need to connect to our Creator to be updated and focused on His will. His will does not change but the longer it has been since we have connected with Him the more likely we will be focused on our own desires and our own will for our life instead of focusing on the Father’s will. That is when we will be introduced to security vulnerabilities, by allowing our focus on the flesh instead of the Father. We have to connect with Him to know Him. Just like a notification to update doesn’t help your phone unless you click on the button. We need more than to learn about Jesus. We need to connect to Him to know Him.

We connect to Christ through:



silence and solitude,

meditating on His word,  

& through praise and worship.

When we connect in all or any of these ways, we are getting our software updated. Our devices only get updated a hand full of times throughout the year, but we need way more updates. See, we are not finished yet. God is Sanctifying us on the daily. To be sanctified we have to connect with Him. We have to choose Him over our flesh every single day.  

Our devices also get another type of update that upsets a lot of people and that is feature  changes. Introducing new features changes the way our device looks and functions. For iPhone owners iOS 15 was announced in June at Apple’s WWDC (World Wide  Developers Conference) and it is loaded with changes and features. Loads of new features for  FaceTime, and the web browser looks and operates completely different. I have been running the beta software for several weeks now and I like most of the changes, it has taken some time to get used to the new web browser and how it looks and operates but I think I’m getting the hang of it. For some of us, this is a reason to never upgrade; but, as a friend of mine recently learned:  If you don’t update long enough, it hinders you. You may end up unable to install new applications you want and need. Perhaps not even the new app you had made for the church you pastor.  

We sometimes get “updated” with feature changes from God. The moments we spend with Him may lead to learning new things that go against our former beliefs or traditions. Time spent with God may change the way you think or the way you see others. It can change the way you interpret certain passages of scripture and how you study God’s word. God oftentimes shifts our thinking in a way that seems like an update or perhaps even an upgrade. God is always seeking to make us more like Him. We can’t stay stuck in our own traditions and our own beliefs and expect to hear and see things the way God does.

Don’t be afraid of change when it comes to your device. Just embrace it and trust the process. Hit the update button. Even more so, don’t be afraid of change in your own life. Allow God to guide your steps and change your outlook and mind in many different ways. We don’t need to hold tightly to our traditions in stubbornness. We must constantly challenge ourselves to see things how God sees things.

We must show His grace,
His mercy,
and His love as we share the good news of Christ.

It is good news after all!


So, let’s not condemn this world; instead, let’s redeem it with the Good News.

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