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Josh Hamilton
After downloading the Catalyst Mayfield app, if you genuinely want to stay in the know, you need to enable push notifications and sign up for messages within the app. It’s not straightforward that the app can do messaging, but we do, and it’s a great way to keep in touch with the faith family and join many different message threads, and most importantly, the best way to share a prayer request. So today is your lucky day because I’m finally going to show you how to sign up.

So the first thing you need to make sure is that you have downloaded the catalyst Mayfield app so I will make it easy and provide the links to the Google Play store and the App Store, or you can
Click the message chat icon in the top right corner, and then it will take you to a page for you to sign up with either your email or three other options, including Facebook, Google, or apple. You can choose any of the four ways to sign up. Just keep in mind to remember the way you sign up, so if you ever need to sign in again, you can do so very quickly.
Once signed up, you should see to buttons at the top Conversations and Discover. Click on discover to join some texted threads that are available. The main thread is Faith Family, so make sure to join that one. But the community center thread will become crucial in the future for sure. Once in a group, you can see everyone's conversations and will be able to respond or send any message at any time.
If you have a specific prayer request, tap the plus icon next to the entering text box at the bottom. Once tapping the plus icon, you need to tap prayer and describe your prayer; this allows others to pray for your request, and you can easily show when the prayer request is answered.
The messaging portion on the app is powerful and allows everyone to stay in touch seamlessly.
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