That Scary Hard Thing You Need to Do

Erica Hamilton
I do something that is hard and scary. I am a foster parent. I invite in kids of trauma to my safe little love nest. My babies have all the scary things in their living room. Not in the form of a network television drama, but in real life flesh and blood. I allow my babies to be exposed to the effects of drugs and addiction, abuse in all its varieties, neglect and malnourishment. All in the place that is supposed to be their sanctuary.

They get hurt. By words and by fists. They have seen too much, heard too much, felt too much. I worry that I am robbing them of their childhood. That I will regret this thing that we do.

This scary hard thing is something God has called us to as a family. God does that you know. He asks you to do things you'd simply rather not.
He asked Joseph to marry a pregnant girl. We get it because we have perspective but imagine being in his shoes and defending his decision to go forward with his plans to wed a seemingly knocked up Mary. That's exactly what he did.

“When Joseph got up from sleeping, he did as the Lord’s angel had commanded Him. He married her,” - Mathew 1:24

Can you imagine the reaction of his family? I can just see his Mother and Aunties fretting themselves sick. His father stonewalling him in silence unable to wrap his brain around what just happened.

Sometimes God is going to ask you to do a scary hard thing that you can’t defend. It is going to raise some eyebrows. It will make no earthly sense. Do it anyway. You don’t have to defend it, explain it, or help others understand and support you. You just have to be obedient.

Your Mom may never get it and that is ok.

Do your hard scary thing and may God be glorified in it.

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