The Painful Truth of a Tooth
September 8th, 2021
Amy Jones Today, I’ll give you a break from my brain issues and talk about teeth. Yippee, I know, but bear with me.My dentist retired recently at nearly 80 years old. He wasn’t my lifetime dentist, bu...  Read More
Keeping It All Together
August 31st, 2021
Erica Hamilton I juggle a lot.Sometimes, ok frequently, I struggle to keep it all together.When I last spent time in Job, God spoke to me about stormy seasons. He opened my eyes to the fact that He sp...  Read More
Stay In The Know
August 27th, 2021
Josh Hamilton After downloading the Catalyst Mayfield app, if you genuinely want to stay in the know, you need to enable push notifications and sign up for messages within the app. It’s not straightfo...  Read More
August 24th, 2021
Amy Carrico Typically most mornings my commute to work consists of a short stint on a four lane interstate, followed by a long stint on a four lane highway.  There’s not a lot of change along the way,...  Read More
Because I love You I Am Saying No
August 20th, 2021
Kara Colburn You know when you mow your yard, there is a place where you stop because it crosses into your neighbor's property? Or in the case at our house, where we do not have next door neighbors, w...  Read More
Show Your Brain Who Is Boss
August 17th, 2021
Amy Jones Sometimes I have to tell my brain to work.I don’t mean with caffeine or a brisk walk, necessarily—although both those things are usually part of my day. I mean I sometimes have to tell my br...  Read More