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Text your donation to 84321 and choose "CATALYST COMMUNITY CENTER"


$30 per month = Provide educational resources for one adult

$60 per month = Provide after school programming + snack for one kid

$120 per month = Provide dinner every night for one kid

$200 per month = BE ALL IN
(provide each opportunity for a kid + guardian  )

Volunteer opportunities COMING SOON . . .


By 2025, we will serve 218,400 hot meals

-Year 1: 100 meals per day x 6 days per week=31,200
-Year 2: 200 meals per day x 6 days per week=62,400
-Year 3: 400 meals per day x 6 days per week=124,800


By 2025, we will connect with 350 kids.

-Year 1: 50 kids
-Year 2: 100 kids
-Year 3: 200 kids


By 2025, we will graduate 75 adults from the "Strong Foundations Program."

- Digital skill-building classes
- Online job search and resumé creation


By 2025, we will enroll 600 individuals in community programs.

- Provide education, hobby, skill + interest classes
-Business availability for employment training
- Off-site training options for schools and nonprofit organizations

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meet with our founder

how will this impact mayfield

Reanna Olive

Business Development Officer @ CFSB
The Catalyst Community Center will create a sense of stability for the children of Mayfield. A constant, a safe place, a place to get homework done, and a place to have choices.

Tim Perkins

Founder @ Perkins Motorplex
If our desire is to see things better, we are going to have to do things differently. If we want different results were going to have to employ a different strategy. 

Stephen Hatchell

Assistant Principal @ MHS
We have students now in our schools and in our city that are surviving, not thriving. That's where the community center comes into play, being that safe place for our kids.

Jodi Goodman

Board Member @ Graves County Board of Education
This Community Center could be the place that brings Mayfield and Graves County together like never before.

Alecia Webb-Edgington

President @ Life Learning Center
This Community Center can be a beacon for the adults, making a transformational change. To change the parents of these children and break the cycle.