building  request

Building reservation request

Fill out form below to request the use of catalyst building.

Church Members Name and Number

(include set up and take down time)

• For Setup Assistance text Robert Harwell @ (803) 322-3510

Clean Up Checklist:
  • Return any furniture or chairs that were rearranged for your event
  • Wipe off any tables that were used
  • Sweep
  • Mop (if needed)
  • Vacuum (if needed)
  • Spot clean bathrooms, sweep bathrooms, empty bathroom trash cans
  • Empty Trash into a large trash can in Kitchen, if full or any food is thrown away, please go ahead and take the trash to our dumpster.
  • Put new trash bags into trash cans
  • Wash any dishes or utensils used, dry and put away in the original location.
  • If kids use the kids room, these will need to be picked up and cleaned as well.

You agree to the following rules:
  • No touching of the sound equipment, instruments, or cameras.
  • No use of the conference room or offices.