In the Details...

Bruce Clay
There I was just sitting on a park bench.  Not just any park bench, but one on the tee box of the fourth hole of the old, shutdown Kenlake nine-hole golf course. That place brings back so many memories for me.

It's where I played my very first round of golf, something like thirty-two years ago.  So as you can imagine, it holds a very special in my heart. When I arrived a few hours prior, I walked the old cart path just conversing with my friend Jesus. I was talking with Him and also asking him some questions.

You see I had just finished an awesome time of fellowship and training, where I became "unstuck" by learning my God-designed contribution in this life.  I wanted confirmation.  I wanted to know that my takeaways from the training were true.  I wanted to experience a "God-wink."  

As I walked, I asked God plainly, “God, if I am exactly where You want me to be, doing exactly what You have created me for and my life-verse is correct, please show me a golf ball as I walk down this path.”

Now, that course has been closed since 2012 and I am sure many people, including my wife, Michelle, and I a few months back, have walked these paths looking for golf balls without success. But I'm telling you it wasn't 45 seconds after I asked God to show me a golf ball, that right there by the path...not even 2-feet away from me, was a Callaway golf ball. AND not a golf ball that was brown from 9+ years of sitting there, but a VERY WHITE, pristine golf ball.  
After this event happened I read a story in Judges 3 about Ehud and how he killed this big fat king.   Specifically, verse 15 stuck out to me where it says, "Then the Israelites cried out to the Lord, and He raised up Ehud son of Gera, a left-handed Benjaminite, as a deliverer for them."

While reading this I was perplexed with the question:  "Why did the author of the story need to share that Ehud was left-handed?"  And immediately I'm reminded that most men are right-handed, which means that in biblical times they would have carried a dagger on their left thigh, but Ehud had it on his right thigh since he was left-handed. This is important because when the kings' security checked his left thigh for a weapon, they would have found no dagger and then he would have been cleared to see the king, even with a weapon attached to himself.  This allowed his weapon to go undetected and for his mission to be accomplished.

You might be wondering what my golf-ball story and Ehud and his accomplished mission have in common?  Here is my takeaway...both accounts highlight the fact that God is definitely in the details. It takes many minor, insignificant details to make up a major event and God's hand is in and on EVERYTHING no matter how BIG or SMALL.  

Prayer of Response:
Father, thank You for showing Yourself faithful to my prayer life in things that seem small and insignificant. Let me always keep my eyes open to see You in the minor details and not just in the mountain moving times.  Amen.
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Kim Brand - May 2nd, 2021 at 8:11am

Thank you Bruce!