Beauty In the Broken Bits

Erica Hamilton
When we last went to the beach my babies kept bringing me nets full of broken shell pieces. At first I was slowly, every so sneakily, discarding them. Then I stopped and looked at them.

The colors.

The lines.

The patterns.

Absolutely breathtaking despite all that was missing.

To live is to be broken.

It is all so ridiculously hard and the waves keep knocking you down and pulling you under and before you know it you've completely shattered into a bazillion pieces.

The life of Leah was a life of brokenness. Leah was wed to Jacob when all he really wanted was her beautiful little sister. Her one week anniversary gift was quite literally a sister wife. She was left unwanted and unloved. Much later in their story. After Leah herself was long buried. Jacob's final resting place was to be beside her, the unwanted, unloved wife. Thanks to the perspective we have so many years removed from their lives, we also know that she gave birth to the son who was to carry on the royal line that would one day lead to Christ.

I was captivated by her story. Imagining the pain she must have felt every single day of her life after her husband woke up in their marriage bed and realized she was not who he wanted.

Poor Leah.

What pain and anguish she must have lived with; and yet, through her life of sorrow and immense pain, the path to Christ was given.
So many cry out in pain.


Why me?

Living mired down in pain and sorrow.

The truth is, the pain, the broken bits, are the stones that pave the way to Christ. To being whole and complete in Him.

We can't get there without first being broken.

If we weren't broken we wouldn't need Him.

What in life is breaking you to pieces right now?
Will you pray and ask God to help you see the beauty and redemption in your brokenness?
What are your beautiful bits?

Will you follow the broken path to find your own way to Christ?

He alone can make you whole.


you are broken.

But you are so very beautiful...

and you fit into His masterpiece.

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Alice - March 25th, 2022 at 8:33am

Beautifully said, and very true...sometimes I look at my pieces of my life and think no one can put them back together, not even God, because truthfully there are pieces missing. Someone stole them and are keeping them so that they have a bit of control over me. I don't want them back but I don't want them to have them either. That may not make sense but it's like being a prisioner but in my own home. This is very good. Thank you.